IMPACT Uttar Pradesh

Our Purpose in Uttar Pradesh

In India, about 50,000 women die every year from pregnancy-related causes, many of those deaths are preventable.

In rural Uttar Pradesh, WHP is focused on providing women with long-term contraceptive methods so they can choose if and when to get pregnant. For women who are pregnant, WHP provides prenatal care and birth preparedness information to help ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery.

200 Million People

Most Populous State

80% – 160,000,000

Live in Rural Communities

40% – 80,000,000

Live Below the Poverty Line

24% – 48,000,000

Unmet Need for Family Planning

Less than 25%

Institutional Deliveries


Maternal Mortality Rate

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Neha, Health Provider
Supporting Women's Choices about Family Planning

WHP’s Approach

WHP has built a Sky network of healthcare providers in UP to offer women with long-lasting family planning services. The Sky network relies on innovative public/private sector integration strategies that connect private providers, auxiliary nurse midwives, and existing community health providers to reach more women in underserved communities.

By joining the Sky network, providers can receive training and technical assistance and are linked with a reliable supply chain support. The Sky network also works to market its services, generate demand for family planning services, and provides a facility for ANMs to visit and provide family planning services to community members.


Five districts in Uttar Pradesh: Bahraich, Barabanki, Basti, Balrampur, and Gonda


Government of Uttar Pradesh, anonymous private foundation

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Caring for Women During Pregnancy

WHP’s Approach

In rural Uttar Pradesh, WHP invites existing community healthcare providers to join the Sky Network and encourage women to seek essential prenatal care to see them safely through pregnancy.

By joining the network, providers receive training on antenatal care, how to talk to women about their health, and are connected through WHP’s telemedicine network.

Through network connections, rural providers can easily consult with qualified doctors and refer women who need higher levels of care. WHP also facilitates partnership between public sector ANMs and Sky facilities, and trains all Sky providers in talking to women about long-lasting family planning services.


Three districts of Uttar Pradesh: Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur Dehat, and Kannauj.


Merck for Mothers, Pathfinder International, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


WHP welcomes the opportunity to collaborate to implement this commitment in Uttar Pradesh.