IMPACT Rajasthan

Our Purpose in RAJASTHAN

Output based aid (OBA) is a widely spoken but has not been implemented in any government institution. First time ever in Rajasthan, WHP signed a MoU with WISH foundation to ensure uninterrupted availability of primary healthcare services for the community.

WHP has been advocating for a strategic shift in operational paradigm in order to harness the current public sector resources optimally. If the PHC doctors and ANMs can be primarily be used for services that will use their physical availability—such as basic surgeries, institutional deliveries, ANCs and PNCs, clinical family planning services, immunization—the rest of the cases requiring treatment with only medicines can be dealt with through a telemedicine system. The telemedicine system will serve as a filtering process so that clients and patients who need higher level care can be organically referred. Such an approach will give complete control to the administrators to ensure that all kinds of services are delivered in a planned and monitored way.

Based on the discussion with the WISH Foundation and senior government officials, it has been decided to pilot it in 30 vulnerable PHCs and assess its impact.