An important feature of WHP’s operations is the call centre that is particularly useful for cases that require aggressive follow-up over long periods as in tuberculosis treatment or antenatal care. The call centre based in Patna currently handles case registrations, product placement, reimbursement of claims, client satisfaction, and alerts. The call centre also oversees the functioning of the interactive voice response (IVR) system that WHP uses to deal directly with clients, both for demand generation and treatment adherence. The financial settlement feature of the call centre has led to other projects in different parts of the country availing the service.

The call centre has also started playing an increasing role in registration of clients which otherwise would have been the responsibility of the front-end workers. WHP has witnessed extreme discomfort among front-end workers entering text (in contrast to entering numbers which they do with great felicity). Sometimes, this reluctance to enter text has jeopardized entire technology-based solutions as witnessed in some states of India. The call centre has access to a data bank in which all locations are geo-mapped so registering a patient on the basis of residential location is simple. This also provides an opportunity to generate outbreak alerts since geo-coordinated personal data provide an opportunity to cluster morbidities and compare against pre-determined thresholds.