Telemedicine Networks Improve Healthcare in Rural Areas

This article was originally published in the Business Daily.

Telemedicine is changing the way patients in rural and remote parts of the world can access medication and improve health. In Kenya, improved telecommunication infrastructure and adoption of mobile phones has enabled the rollout of several initiatives through telemedicine and are currently benefiting many.

Pamela Anyango, 24, from Kisumu is one of the beneficiaries of such initiatives. The widowed mother of four survives on buying and selling fish like most women in her community. On a good day she makes about Sh400 which can barely sustain the family. Ms Anyango cannot afford time away from her fish business or leave her children alone to seek reproductive health services. Her youngest three- year-old child looks malnourished and has a skin disease.

Ms Anyango’s story is typical of a lot of women in most rural Kenya. -Read more-